What if you could be everything you wanted to be, and more? That’s the motto J. Philippe lives by as she juggles being a Music Artist, Activist, and Public Speaker. Her stage name is an abbreviation of her full name, Jasmine Philippe. She is a native of New Jersey, where she still resides. She started dabbling with music writing her freshmen year of college. By the time she graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing, she was a seasoned music artist with an abundance of experience and accomplishments.

Philippe uses her platform to speak on the magic of being a black woman, as well as the discriminations, double-standards, temptations, and pressures of that title. When describing her musical style, she quotes “My music is like Michelle Obama with a Hip-Hop aura. It’s sophisticated and intelligent like the wife of a president, mixed with the rawness of Hip-Hop culture.” J. Philippe’s music is a blend of poetry, intelligent rap, alternative hip-hop, and blues. You cannot categorize her under one genre. She is a professional with a variety of multimedia skill sets. She manages her own website where she generates creative content such as live performance footage and a video blog series covering her philosophies on various topics. She produces her own live music showcases and is the Creative Director for all her music videos, photo shoots, and much more.

J. Philippe has shaped her portfolio with the release of 4 music projects and countless singles. Her catalogue of music has been distributed through popular music providers such as iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play, Amazon Music, and Spotify. Facilitating her growth as a bona fide artist has gained her several accolades. She received radio play on renowned stations such as Power 105.1FM. Her music has received online praise from credible Hip-Hop blogs such as TheSource.com. She was also featured as the Indie Artist Spotlight on InFlexWeTrust.com (HOT97FM). Her strong internet presence has gained her elite internet followers on Twitter such as Interscope Records, Vibe Vixen Magazine, and even songwriters from Atlantic Records.

Being a remarkable live performer has awarded her the opportunity to appear in front of live audiences at popular music festivals such as SXSW Music Festival (Austin, TX), A3C Hip-Hop Music Festival (ATL), and the legendary SOBs venue in NYC. Being able to travel to many cities across the United States and perform her music, has increased her network with fellow artists all over the country.
J. Philippe will continue to flourish as a curator of multimedia. She uses the power of her words to influence, enlighten, and empower. Her artistic approach will continue to excite the public as she delivers new imagery and content. Her mission is to stimulate the independent thinkers and innovators. As the world tunes into the journey of J. Philippe, they will have a better understanding of her individuality, as well as a new level of confidence to embrace their own.