The Story Behind My Latest Song: Movie

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Anyone who is familiar with my catalog of music knows that this record is a departure from the topics I normally touch on. I usually push an “I don’t take crap from men because I am an empowered black woman” type of agenda/message. Given the fact that over the past year I have had so many life changes, my music has also experienced a change. I have fallen in love, started a new role at the corporation I am currently employed with, and started Graduate school to receive a masters degree in Communications and Media. 
The biggest influence to my musical evolution has been falling in love. Not only am I in love, I am in love with someone who is also musically inclined. He made the beat (Gria Bros Productions) for this record, if I might add. This song was one of the most effortless records I have ever made. My boyfriend gave me the beat back in February 2016. I knew I loved the RnB vibe of it but was not sure if I could come up with anything for it. One summer night in June 2016, we were hanging out in his bedroom. I told him I came up with a hook for the record and wanted to lay it down. Before I knew it, I had the hook and a whole verse recorded. It felt organic and effortless, as creating art should always feel. I never labeled it a love song in that moment. It was simply a declaration of my true emotions. Our relationship was brand new, so we were creating so many special first time moments. Everyday with him felt like I was living my life in a movie. Shahid pushes me to try new styles of creating and to approach it with a carefree and festive attitude. It has made all the difference in the records I am currently creating. Makes me realize I am capable of many different styles of music. This record is a celebration of love, and embracing new ways to experience it. 





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